• Apr 27 2021 - 10:11
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Dr. Hosseini emphasized:

The basis of education for students with special needs; Cognitive rehabilitation

Dr. Seyed Javad Hosseini emphasized on using cognitive rehabilitation techniques and strategies as a basis for content design and implementation of educational methods. The head of the Exceptional Education Organization of Iran pointed to the nature, scope and effectiveness of strategies and processes based on cognitive rehabilitation as one of the relatively newer areas of rehabilitation. He also informed about the efforts of the Exceptional Education Organization of Iran to design educational content, teaching-learning strategies and educational interventions based on cognitive rehabilitation techniques and strategies. Cognitive rehabilitation is one of the areas of rehabilitation that emphasizes the strengthening of basic cognitive abilities such as attention, memory, perception, etc. and uses a wide variety of techniques in this direction. Currently, educational package games based on cognitive rehabilitation are designed for students with intellectual disabilities in the Exceptional Education Organization. .

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